Our Story

Dial a pad was registered in August 2018. We are a multifaceted platform that democratizes access to feminine hygiene products and affordable sexual reproductive healthcare for women and girls in Africa. We leverage on Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other technologies to run our mobile app and smart sanitary towel dispensers to usher in radical socio-economic empowerment of African women.

CEO Brief

Our goal is to reach 1 million school-going girls and effectively keep them in school. UNICEF estimates 7 out of 10 school-going girls in Kenya miss up to one week every month of school due to period poverty. Through our dispensers, we hope to bridge this gap and offer the girls an opportunity to stay in school throughout the month. 

We also want to ultimately reach at least 7 million girls in Kenya through our mobile app democratizing access to feminine hygiene products and affordable sexual reproductive health care. 

Our Mission

To leverage on cutting edge technologies effectively democratizing access to affordable sexual reproductive health care and feminine hygiene products for every girl and woman.

Our Vision

conquer the world!

Core Values

Creativity and ingenuity

We have an original approach to issues and leverage
Technology to provide solutions to problems
We are always inquisitive and ask lots of questions
We inspire and motivate each other to achieve great things
We are inventive and provide practical problems to complex problems

Customer Focus

We care primarily about the needs of our customers
We treat everyone equally
We stand by our moral code
We are always friendly even in the face of hostility
We are always available to help our customers


We work together always – with our staff, suppliers, and partners
We share equally in the success of the organization
We are always open and honest with one another


We always tell the truth and proactively speak up
We listen and actively encourage others to speak up
We are transparent and open in our thoughts and actions
We appreciate diversity and encourage different opinions
We treat each other equally always

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